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In Building Amplifiers

Can You Hear Me.Indoors?
Have you ever walked into a building and noticed you have "no bars" on your cell phone? Radio frequency (both radio and cellular) signals are greatly reduced when passed through dense building materials such as concrete and metal. Many cities are writing wireless ordinance codes (similar to sprinkler requirements) in order to guarantee proper communication in buildings for public safety during an emergency. This problem was evident during 9/11, when first responders were not able to effectively communicate inside the World Trade Center towers.
Signal Booster
The solution is the use of in-building systems, often known as "Signal Boosters", or Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), that bring wireless signals from outside the structure, amplify the signal and then evenly distribute that signal throughout the structure. This is a complex engineering issue that requires proper analysis and installation. ComSerCo has the skill to handle your requirements.
In-building systems,
Applications include:

  • Underground parking structures
  • Large buildings
  • Tunnels
  • Sports stadiums
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools

Benefits include:

  • Safety of first responders and tenants
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased revenue from tenants

Recent installations include:

  • Parking structure for a major amusement park in Southern California to provide radio coverage for security.
  • Hotel and casino providing Cellular/PCS, VHF, and UHF coverage in the casino, a connecting underground tunnel to a 17-story hotel, and the hotel itself! The VHF BDA allows the local fire department to communicate on their frequency all throughout the grounds in case of an emergency.
  • Design Center for a major furniture manufacturer to increase productivity.
  • Apartment complex allowing local police and fire to have seamless coverage inside the building in case of emergency.

There are two types of signal boosters that are manufactured, both with different benefits to meet your needs. Class A boosters, or "Channelized" units amplify only a single channel, or specific selected channels within an RF spectrum. Class B boosters, or "Broadband" units, amplify all channels that fall within the desired band.
Recommended Manufacturers:

  • TXRX - Manufactures Class B broadband units.
  • Dekolink - Manufacturers Class A channelized, and Class B units.

Call ComSerCo today for a consultation of possible in-building wireless solutions.